February 21, 2019

February 15, 2019

  • 12:29pm

    It snowed heavily until just after 8 this morning. That made for over a foot from the storm. The skiing everywhere was awesome. The Spine was effortless. Pure beauty. You could not find a ripple or a bump on Slalom Slope. I found a real treat skiing Janitors Only. Very steep and deep.

    At 8 AM I slipped out intending to ski two quick runs. I had a little trouble heading back inside. About 11 AM, when I got tired and hungry, I finally grabbed a seat, a latte and some antipasta at Il Rifugio. Delicious. It was a very nice way to spend the morning.

  • 5:56am

    5 more inches today. That makes 11 inches for the storm. It is still snowing right now. There is good snow snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow. The skiing Friday was outstanding and just keeps getting better.

February 14, 2019

  • 10:38am

    For those who like skiing powder, we are in a very good cycle. This morning we reported 6 inches of new snow.  Additional snowfall is expected this evening and there is actually snow in the forecast each day until Tuesday. Overall, our coverage is very good and, prior to this storm, the wind had filled in many troughs between moguls making a flat, buffed surface. Today's snow on top of that planar surface is delivering ideal conditions...................with more snow coming.

  • When our youngest son was three, he spent the winter learning to ski. He began with lessons (as we believe everyone should!), but after taking lessons, he announced that he wanted to ski with his father and (mostly) his father alone. That winter my husband never left the bunny slope. He still believes it was […]

February 13, 2019

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February 21, 2019
DEEP! (in the south) I love to ski in deep powder. When I saw that Wolf Creek received 10 inches on Sunday night into Monday, that there would be an additional 15-ish inches on Monday night, and...
February 21, 2019
Photos! From Silverton on Friday. Tough to beat fresh snow and big mountains! From Beaver Creek on Saturday. The fluff factor was in the full effect! The Pattern We are in an active...
February 5, 2019
Look at a map of northern Utah and you may spot the tiny towns of Eden and Paradise. Once simply small, historic farming communities, today they are the jumping off points for one of Utah’s most...